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MPLS No Longer Serves Global Enterprises

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How globalization and migration to the cloud have changed the way businesses connect around the world
  • Why MPLS is fading as the industry standard for enterprise connectivity
  • How one logistics firm leverages global SD-WAN to improve application delivery worldwide and trim millions from network costs

Andre Kindness | Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Mark Baker | CIO, JAS Forwarding Worldwide

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About Andre Kindness:
Andre Kindness is a Principal Analyst with Forrester Research. He serves IT Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, and is a leading expert on enterprise network operations and architecture. His research focuses on networking technology and strategy--such as software-defined networking and network function virtualization--for private cloud, remote locations, and hybrid cloud.

mark baker

About Mark Baker:
Mark Baker is Chief Information Officer at JAS Forwarding Worldwide, and leads IT strategy and initiatives critical to delivering innovative and value-added applications. He has been responsible for IT advancements with JAS for over 10 years, with an objective to streamline operations and increase productivity across their 240 worldwide offices.

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