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Everything You Need to Know about SD-WAN in 2018

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of globalization and digital transformation on the enterprise WAN
  • How the enterprise migration to cloud and SaaS applications is changing WAN traffic and architectures
  • Limitations of legacy MPLS networks in traditional enterprise IT environments and the need for alternative approaches
  • How SD-WAN can improve application performance while reducing IT costs and complexity
  • The pros and cons of SD-WAN deployments for globally distributed enterprises
  • Best practices in choosing an SD-WAN solution to support global connectivity and improve application performance while reducing IT costs and complexity

Vidyaranya Maddi | VP of SD-WAN Service Delivery and Support, Aryaka Networks

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About Vidyaranya Maddi
Vidyaranya Maddi is responsible for SD-WAN implementations for enterprises and service providers globally. He actively contributes to provisioning, customer support, technical services, strategic alliances, and product management in Aryaka. Maddi is an SD-WAN evangelist and often participates in webinars and discussions on the subject.

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