Reduce Network Latency with Aryaka's Global SD-WAN
Sasaki Case Study

Sasaki Case Study
  • Why global file transfers over the public Internet can lead to slower productivity and frequent disconnects
  • How to gain immediate improvement in file transfer performance over the enterprise WAN
  • How to decrease latency up to 69% compared to legacy MPLS links

“I have worked with so many other vendors and their tech support, but Aryaka’s tech support is probably the best – from the first day. I’m a network guy, but I’m not an expert – Aryaka’s technician is an expert. Especially for the first couple of years, any time I had an issue, I created a support ticket and Aryaka would jump in to ID the issue and help solve the problem. I love them so much.”

Springman Lee, Network Manager, Sasaki

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