Office 365 -Solution Brief

Slow Office 365 performance over the public Internet is often a result of high latency and packet loss, in addition to lack of control over bandwidth usage. This leads to a dismal user experience, negatively impacting business execution.

Learn how Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service delivers faster Office 365 performance, anywhere in the world and can be deployed in hours.

Solution Brief

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In this solution brief, you will learn:


Why Office 365 is dependent on a high-performance and reliable network for global productivity.


How to bypass the public Internet and provide secure, reliable, and accelerated access to Office 365 for enterprises around the globe.


How Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service provides customers with private connectivity and optimized performance to the Office 365 cloud.

Our employees used to frequently complain about the slowness of Office 365, which was running over the Internet… With Aryaka’s Office 365 acceleration solution, our employees experienced terrific performance improvements all over the world. I think, the ability of Aryaka’s solution to connect to cloud providers like Microsoft is phenomenal, and truly helps businesses like us to leverage the benefits of SaaS.”

Kenny Gilbert | CIO, TDK Invensense
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