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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the enterprise migration to cloud and SaaS applications is changing WAN traffic and architectures
  • The limitations of MPLS networks in traditional enterprise WAN environments and the need for alternative approaches
  • The pros and cons of SD-WAN deployments for globally distributed enterprises
  • The best practices to improve application performance while reducing IT costs and complexity, using a global SD-WAN

Nikhil Batra | Senior Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific
Paul Boniface | Senior Solutions Architect, Aryaka

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Dave Nuti

About Nikhil Batra
Nikhil Batra is a Research Manager for the regional telecommunications team in IDC Asia/Pacific. Based in Australia, Nikhil focuses on Telecom Operator Strategies and Managed Cloud/ICT Services across the AP region. As the Research Manager, Nikhil works with the regional telecom teams to produce intelligence reports, market insights, and contributes to various consulting projects.

Dave Nuti

About Paul Boniface
Paul Boniface is responsible for global SD-WAN implementations for enterprises and service providers headquartered in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. He actively contributes to sales, strategic alliances, product management, and marketing in Aryaka. Paul is an SD-WAN evangelist and often participates in webinars and discussions on the subject.

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