Date & Time: Tuesday, Mar 12, 2019
Speaker: Ashwath Nagaraj

As the hype cycle around SD-WAN reduces and enterprises continue to deploy hundreds of boxes across different sites, scalability is emerging as the primary challenge for growing global organizations. Network managers have to juggle multiple vendors while managing configuration, patches and security loopholes, complicating and slowing down SD-WAN adoption. Managed SD-WAN solutions are growing rapidly, but not all vendors are created equal. Some vendors offer cloud, but don’t own the network. Other service providers offer managed WANs, and yet others offer professional management. How do you differentiate between the options and pick the right managed SD-WAN for your organization?

In this webinar you will join industry experts to learn:

  • Fundamental building blocks of a managed SD-WAN architecture
  • Pros and cons for each of the different management and operational models
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits of a 100% managed SD-WAN for a global deployment
  • How all this comes to life in an actual case-study

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Ashwath Nagaraj

About Ashwath Nagaraj
Ashwath is the Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders of Aryaka. He is responsible for building Aryaka’s vision and technology since its inception, and holds 17 patents in storage, security, architecture, and networking.

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