Moving to Global SD-WAN from MPLS: A Volex Case Study

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About Lucas Goh
Lucas Goh is a seasoned IT executive with 10+ years of experience in IT operations and infrastructure management at global manufacturing companies. Lucas currently is the Group IT Infrastructure Manager at Volex and is responsible for design, deployment, configuration and maintenance of the entire IT Infrastructure landscape and operations across the Volex group of companies.

With his experience and having a well certified IT technical background, Lucas provides unique insights and explanations of making business sense of IT investments and projects.


About Feroz Zaveri
Feroz is Director, Customer Acquisition and Success, APAC, at Aryaka Networks, and is responsible for the implementation of software-defined network architectures for global enterprises and service providers headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region. He actively contributes to sales, strategic alliances, product management, and product marketing in Aryaka.

Feroz has a very strong and diverse background in networking technologies. He is an SDN technology evangelist, and often participates in webinars on the impact of SDN and its usage in the enterprise WAN space.

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