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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of globalization and digital transformation on enterprise networking.
  • CIO priorities in 2018: Business, IT and Networking.
  • How the enterprise migration to cloud and SaaS applications is changing WAN traffic and architectures.
  • Limitations of legacy MPLS networks and the need for alternative approaches for application delivery.
  • Impact of the SD-WAN Revolution: Landscape, Trends and Use Cases.
    • How SD-WAN can improve application performance while reducing IT costs and complexity.
    • The pros and cons of SD-WAN deployments for globally distributed enterprises.
    • Best practices in choosing an SD-WAN solution to support global connectivity and improve application performance while reducing IT costs and complexity.

Vishal Kayship | VP of Engineering at Aryaka Networks


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Vishal Kayship

About Vishal Kayship
Vishal Kayship is responsible for engineering SD-WAN solutions and technology features for enterprises and service providers globally. He actively contributes to provisioning, customer support, technical services, strategic alliances, and product management in Aryaka. Vishal is an SD-WAN evangelist and often participates in webinars and discussions on the subject.