Addressing the Top Five Connectivity Challenges for China and India

Globalization has long been a core driver for digital transformation for enterprises. Connecting offices, factories, and supply chains needs a digital-first mindset and infrastructure. With its high economic growth over the past decades and the strategic importance of the Chinese market, China remains at the top of the list of companies to expand and invest in internationally.

At the same time, geopolitical changes and the high growth of India's economy, population growth, and investment in attracting foreign companies to expand into India are a challenge to China's dominant position in the global market and an opportunity for companies to diversify their footprint.

Developing or keeping business operations in each country has potential benefits but enterprises need to be ready to overcome local challenges.

This paper covers the Top Five Challenges enterprises face in connecting sites, users, and applications to and from China and India:
  • Challenge 1: Enterprise Application Performance into China and India
  • Challenge 2: Collaboration / UCaaS Application Performance
  • Challenge 3: IP-Based Applications
  • Challenge 4: Remote Worker Connectivity
  • Challenge 5: Compliance in China and India

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